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BIOLAND, young company founded in 2017, operates a 30 Ha Aloe Vera plantation according to the ECOCERT standards and produces the highest quality organic Aloe Vera extracts and juices, 100% pure and natural. BIOLAND is particularly focused on natural cultivation and maintaining a constant quality of Aloe Vera throughout the year; the Aloe Vera fillet is separated MANUALLY from the leaf, with great care.

BIOLAND has also set up a laboratory that develops and produces natural food supplements, dietary products based on vegetable proteins, products for diabetics, as well as skincare products.

Our products meet the strict criteria of pharmaceutical regulations and the standards intended to maintain or restore the natural balance of the organism.

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SLIMNESS   .Tonus - VitaliTY


Gel & Pulp Aloe Vera contains all the natural assets of the plant, stimulates the body's natural defences and heals. Aloe Vera promotes the elimination of taxins and relieves stomach cramps and stomach upset, while stimulating digestion. This remarkable plant is recommanded for diabetics, and people with allergies, constipation, cholesterol, heart problems...

The unique composition of Gel & Pulp provides a set of nutrients that the body needs daily to defend itself.

  General tonic for the body and good health, distressing and reducing fatigue.

  Soothing and healing of skin and mucous membranes.

  It may help and stimulate digestion, with positive effects on intestinal flora.

  Contains many vitamins, fibers, minerals and trace elements essential to the body.

Gel & Pulp, revitalising and regenerating, promotes the proper functioning of your body and helps you stay in shape.

Gel & Pulp Aloe Vera, a source for well-being!
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